Barbara Thompson works with organizations in healthcare that want to assure positive patient outcomes.
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“Thank you for your outstanding presentation on patient satisfaction.  The information was vital for our hospital staff to understand especially with the upcoming H-CAHPS survey.  You were very easy to work with and helpful when we were processing the CEU paperwork.  I would strongly recommend you to any facility that is looking for an expert on this topic.”
Trudy L. Ivins
Nurse Educator
Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital

“I wish to thank you so much for your keynote presentation.  It was great and everyone I spoke with felt that you gave them some real insights into feelings and societal forces that create the way we think and feel.  I am so happy that you were available and able to provide us with such great insight.”
Leslie Verucci
Delaware Nurses Association

“Thank you for an excellent presentation on the subject of sensitivity. I have received numerous comments from staff on how much they enjoyed it. You are a gifted speaker and your passion for the subject shows.”
Lisa Reston
Good Samaritan Hospital

“It was a distinct privilege to have you as our featured speaker here at Tulane University. You did an outstanding job and are a very gifted speaker, who readily holds the attention of the audience and conveys a great deal of insightful information in a concise fashion.”
Daniel Scott, MD
Tulane University School of Medicine

“I have to add my own compliments, not only for how medically accurate and useful your presentation was, but also for the superlative way you convey the information. You really are an incredibly superb speaker.”
David C. Elliott, MD, FACS
Santa Rosa, CA

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Barbara Thompson
488 Diablo Drive
Pittsburgh, PA  15241
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Customized Programs Designed for Hospital staff on Obesity Sensitivity and Positive Patient Outcomes

Understanding Obesity - Causes, Treatments and Attitudes so that your staff can treat patients without holding negative attitudes that are apparent to patients

Examining the Level of Tolerance for Size and Cultural Diversity so that all patients are treated humanly and your hospital will continue to attract patients

Achieving Positive Patient Outcomes because what we think about a patient can translate into how positive patients feel about their experience and how well they medically respond

Taking Steps to Patient Satisfaction This can be your first step to building a dynamic and effective patient gauged outcomes approach

Reducing Staff Turnover through Patient Satisfaction. Staff want to work where they know they can make a positive difference with patients

Educating and Entertaining Patients about Weight Loss Surgery so that your patients are informed by someone who has been there

Barbara Thompson
Speaks from Experience

Barbara Thompson has been working extensively with healthcare groups who want to ensure that their staff members are sensitive to the obese and provide positive patient outcomes.  Her personal experiences of going from being morbidly obese to normal weight led her to help caregivers find the keys to effective communications and outcomes with their patients, especially those who are obese. Barbara is the “go to” expert for those seeking high content and entertaining programs in the healthcare field. She has served as a consultant to CNN and the Wall Street Journal and has been featured in People Magazine and ABC's Nightline. Her programs on obesity sensitivity are respectful of the demands of the healthcare worker while giving insights into what it is like to be a morbidly obese patient.

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